Tutorial Courses

 Tutorial 1: Introduction to stochastic thermodynamics: application to thermo- and photo-electricity in small
                  devices (prof. dr. M. Esposito)

The lecture starts with a simple introduction to the theory of stochastic thermodynamics. The aim is to demonstrate that a consistent nonequilibrium thermodynamic description can be constructed for small systems described by stochastic master equations. Later on it is shown that this formulation can be succesfully applied to study thermoelectricity and photoelectricity. The lector analyses in detail two simple models and special attention will be given to the study of efficiency at maximum power.

The movie of tutorial 1: part I and part II.


Tutorial 2: Novel nanomaterials and concepts for photovoltaic energy conversion (prof. dr. R.A.J. Janssen)

The lecture will give an overview of the working principles of organic and polymer solar cells and highlight the subtle interplay of chemical and electronic structure, photophysics, charge transport, nanoscale morphology and device architecture in reaching higher efficiencies. Morphological and photophysical studies will be presented that provide insights into existing loss mechanisms and can lead to improved materials design.

The movie of tutorial 2: part I, part II and part III.