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Dr. Pierre Colson


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The Group of Research in Energy and ENvironment from MATerials (GREEnMat) is a part of the research unit in Inorganic Materials Chemistry at the University of Liège. The main research areas are mesoporous oxide thin films by soft templating, oxides for photovoltaics, water splitting, electrochromism, materials for Li-ion batteries, functional polycrystalline oxides, powder technology and densification and valorisation of by-products - recycling - air/water pollution. The common approach to these research topics lies in the study of microstructural effects and their influence on the functional properties.

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Professor Benoit Vanderheyden - and

Optoelectronic part: fundamental mechanisms for the emission or the absorption of an electromagnetic radiation by a semiconductor; exploitation of these mechanisms in optoelectronical devices.

Nanoelectronic part: presentation of the technical and physical limitations faced by the integrated electronics industry; main elements of wave mechanics; discussion of the physical mechanisms that will potentially be used in future applications of integrated electronics.

More specifically, the following elements are seen: heterostructures, electrical and optical properties of low-dimensionality devices (MODFET, quantum wells, wires, and dots), tunnel effect, mesoscopic effects and devices of nanometric sizes.

Physical Characterisation of materials and interfaces

Professor Duy Nguyen - (

Experimental methods for the characterisation of electronic and optical properties of materials and interfaces will be reviewed. A detailed description will be presented for some of them and their practical implementation will be discussed.