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Dirk Vanderzande
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Geert Lekens
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General description

IMOMEC (Institute for Materials Research in MicroElectronics) is an associated lab of IMEC (Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre, Louvain) and is housed within the premises of The Institute for Materials Research (IMO), a research centre of Hasselt University, with a vast knowledge in the field of materials science.
IMOMEC has an integrated and intensive collaboration with IMO. The largest part of applied research and projects in collaboration with industry are concentrated within IMOMEC.
The strongly interdisciplinary team of IMO-IMOMEC (chemists, physicists, engineers, biomedical researchers,...) concentrates its joint activities on wide band gap materials, organic synthesis, organic materials for electronic applications, precursors for nanomaterials, biosensors, nanophysics and electrical, physical and chemical characterisation.

Related courses and programs

Functional polymers for advanced application (optional course in 1st year master Bioelectronics and nanotechnology).