December 21, 2011

Tim Vangerven (UHasselt) wins the Paul Donners Prize for his thesis 'Printable lighting'

December 14, 2011

XIOS and UHasselt student reaches breakthrough

Tim Vangerven (XIOS/UHasselt) has won the Paul Donnersprize with his master thesis concerning printable electroluminescent devices. This prize rewards the best thesis regarding the training of industrial engineers in Limburg, Belgium. Important criteria are originality, creativity, motivation and passion. The prize is awarded every year by the department of the Flemish Society of Engineers (Vlaamse Ingenieurskamer) from Limburg. Tim gained the maximum score for his internship and master thesis in June 2011. He reached a breakthrough with his research.

Improving printable lighting

Tim Vangerven from Lommel, Belgium graduated in June as industrial engineer electronics-ICT with magna cum laude. He carried out his thesis at the Institute of Materials research from the University of Hasselt (IMO-UHasselt) and Lumoza, a spin-off company from UHasselt and IMEC, which is specialized in printable electronics. Tim's promoters were Wouter Moons (Lumoza) and prof. dr. Jean Manca (UHasselt/IMO-IMOMEC). His internal XIOS promoter was Stijn Duchateau, PhD student of the electronics-ICT department. During his work, Tim investigated several methods to improve the brightness and sustainability of printable lighting. The printed lamps are very thin, as thin as a human hair, and can be e.g. screen printed on flexible substrates.


Prof. dr. Jean Manca (UHasselt/IMO-IMOMEC) explains how society can profit from his research: "Due to the research of Tim Vangerven, it becomes possible to fully print energy efficient lighting which is daylight compatible." Wouter Moons (Lumoza) adds : "At this moment the technology is especially used in the advertising market. Examples are animated DVD cases, posters, banners and packaging materials. Due to Tim's work applications like signage and interior lighting are now also within reach."

1 500 EURO

The Paul Donnersprice doesn't only deliver a lot of credits to Tim Vangerven but also a beautiful prize: he received a hardcover version of his master thesis imprinted with golden letters and a money price of 1500 EURO. Tim Vangerven is currently continuing his research in the domain of printable electronics within the Institute of Materials research from the UHasselt where he started a PhD concerning printable organic photovoltaics.