Science Lives! Vlaamse Wetenschapsweek 19 - 25 November 2012.

November 19, 2012

Young and old can have a free taste of science during the Week van de Wetenschap from 19 to 25 November. The icing on the cake is the Dag van de Wetenschap on Sunday 25 November 2012. Our ORGANEXT partners IMEC and UHasselt host activities during this week.

Since several years Hasselt University has been closely involved in the promotion of science and technology. During the Flemish Science Week Hasselt University receives over 665 students and 54 teachers to participate in an interactive workshop. And there is more: the University received over 500 teachers last Saturday for the 18th Flemish conference of Science teachers.

Excite young people for science

"Activities placing science in the picture, like the teachers conference and the science week, are of crucial importance to interest young people in sciences.", confirms prof Dr. Jean Manca, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of Hasselt University. "To address the great challenges of tomorrow and the further development of the knowledge-based economy, there is a substantial need for scientists. Science teachers are important ambassadors and a source of inspiration."

In this framework IMEC gives a workshop to highschool students. This workshop includes a short introduction to nano technology and the opportunity to visit the IMEC cleanroom. The pupils are then divided into design teams of 3-4 persons and are confronted with the following question. Create a cocktail of art, science and technology with nano-and bio-ingredients. Nano-and bio-components are at the basis of everything. What would you design using these ingredients?

At Hasselt University there are workshops treating a very diverse mix of subjects. Topics are a.o.  "Nano chemistry: the more you know about materials, the more you can influence the characteristics!", "CMK: a glance behind the curtains", etc.

Organext is also represented with a student practicum "Make your own solar cell with nano materials". During this practicum students built and test solar cells. This is preceded by an introductory presentation during which the students get some information about renewable energy and recent developments in the field of solar energy.

Science Day

The highlight of the Science Week is undoubtedly the Science Day. On 25 November the general public gets the unique opportunity to discover surprising science and technology. Young and old can participate in exciting free activities such as workshops, demos, guided tours, exhibitions ...
At Hasselt University there are the workshops 'Op Wetenstap'. This should excite grandparents and their grandchildren for the wondrous world of science and technology. At the lab children experiment with colours and scents and they experience the magic of chemistry. They craft natural energy sources and learn to face the earth's forces by building extremely strong bridges and towers.

For more information concerning these and other activities during the Vlaamse Wetenschapsweek and the Dag van de Wetenschap please consult