Organext seminar: Physics and chemistry of nanostrucutred solar cells - 7 december 2011

November 29, 2011

Organext Seminar TU Eindhoven: Physics and chemistry of nanostructured solar cells

Wednesday December 7, 2011


13h25 - 13h30


Prof. Dr. René Janssen (TU/e)

13h30 - 14h15

Device physics and thermodynamics of OPV

Prof. Dr. Sean Shaheen (Denver University, Denver, Colorado) 

 14h15 - 15h00

Material systems for large area electronics

Dr. Mathieu Turbiez (BASF, Basel, Switzerland) 

 15h00 - 15h30 Coffee and tea break 
 15h30 - 16h15

Nanowire solar cells

Dr. Jos Haverkort (TU/e) 

 16h15 - 17h00

Charge generation at disordered heterointerfaces

Dr. Martijn Kemerink (TU/e) 

 17h00 - 18h00  Meet and greet with drinks


Lecture Hall 9 - Auditorium
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Den Dolech 2
5612 AZ Eindhoven
The Netherlands


Route description



The campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology is situated in the heart of Eindhoven, ten minutes walking distance from Eindhoven railway station. Not only university buildings can be found on the compact green campus, but companies, research institutions and the Student Sports Centre as well. Most buildings are connected via walkways. Partly for this reason, the TU/e is the most accessible university for disabled people.

By train

Walk down the ramp at the railway station, turn right and exit through the north side towards the bus station. Walk 25 meters to the right and you will see the university buildings. Cross at the traffic light and follow the winding path towards the TU/e campus.
The path on the right side of the campus, called Prof. Dr. Dorgelo Avenue, is suitable for wheelchair users.

By car

All motorways to and around Eindhoven (A2, A50, A58, A67 and A270) lead the way to the campus. Follow the 'Centrum' directions on the small blue signs, until you see 'University'.
From Maastricht/Venlo/Antwerpen

  • N2, Randweg Eindhoven
  • Junction Leenderheide towards Eindhoven Centrum/Tongelre
  • Follow the blue 'Centrum' signs until you see 'University'.
From 's-Hertogenbosch
  • A2 Eindhoven
  • Junction Ekkersweijer towards A58 Helmond / Son en Breugel
  • Follow the blue 'Centrum' signs until you see 'University'.
From Tilburg/Breda
  • A58 Eindhoven
  • Junction Batadorp towards A2, A58, E25
  • Junction Ekkersweijer towards A58 Helmond/Son en Breugel
  • Follow the blue 'Centrum' signs until you see 'University'.
From Nijmegen
  • A50 Eindhoven
  • Follow the blue 'Centrum' signs until you see 'University'.


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