A future Built on Organic Solar Cells

January 17, 2014

By Howard Hudson

There is a huge and mostly untapped market for organic solar cells, in everything from construction to consumer goods. But how can we improve the design, roll out and marketability of these advanced nanomaterials? And how do we bridge the gaps between research institutes and the business community? These were the questions tackled at the latest ORGANEXT project meeting, 14 January 2014, in Maastricht.

Delegates shared the latest insights on organic semi-conducting nanomaterials, from advanced research to market applications. For example, how organic solar cells can be built into double glazed windows or used as flexible solar panels in clothing and bags.

This was the third ORGANEXT cluster meeting, gathering more than 50 industrial partners, researchers and policy makers, looking specifically at the future of organic solar cells and their market introduction. See the speakers' presentations and videos below for more details.


Dr. Ronn Andriessen - Solliance
Future of organic solar cells





Dr. Alireza Parandian - Innovationfab / COLAE
User requirements as a challenge for designers and market introduction of OPV





Dr. Jacques Kimman - lecturer in new energy Hogeschool Zuyd
Old and new business and the need for chain management for new energy-based products in the built environment



Prof. Dr. Jean Manca, project coordinator Organext

3rd Organext cluster meeting, video