SAVE THE DATE 7 March 2013: PV Event @ IMEC

January 28, 2013

IMEC, Leuven
Tuesday March 7th, 2013

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV): the future of PV.
The event will start at 13h30.

Below you can find the preliminary programme.
More information will follow soon.



 Welcome and registration


 Welcome, Jef Poortmans

(BIPV, Future technologies, Future of flemish Industries in PV)

 BIPV technology Watch (3E) - trends needs challenges

Company presentations by:
Reynaers aluminium: perspective from the building market
ISSOL: need for Normalisation & Standardisation

 SIM-SOPPOM (CIGS+OPV): materials, upscaling, encapsulation, ...

Company presentations by:
AGC Glass Europe: glass applications for specialised mateials
Umicore: innovative materials for BIPV
 15h25-15h45  Coffee and tea break

 ORGANEXT: project presentation + Superlab, Jean Manca (Hasselt University)

Valorisation: start-up stories by


 VFI (Vlaams Fotovoltaïsch Initiatief) and situation in Flanders, Jef Poortmans (Imec vzw)


Networking reception

Visit to labs (O-line/S-line) of Imec




ORGANEXT - The solar year 2012

January 16, 2013

2012 has been an intensive year world wide in the field of photovoltaics. At the ‘World Future Energy Summit' in Abu Dhabi, at the beginning of the year, the year 2012 has been launched as the ‘International Year of Sustainable Energy for All'. Throughout the world policy makers, companies and researchers are reflecting and making short and long term plans on the use of renewable energy and on the development of novel concepts of renewable energy conversion .

In the field of Photovoltaics prices for silicon based solar panels have dropped significantly (with distortions of the photovoltaic market), making in some regions of the world the use of subsidies obsolete.

In the field of next-generation photovoltaics, for which organic photovoltaics is a key exponent, important progress has been made in 2012.
Several world records have been claimed for organic solar cell prototype devices with record values for photovoltaic energy conversion around 10%, with still room for improvement !
Also in the ORGANEXT-consortium various device architectures has been developed with best efficiencies close to the 10% milestone.
An important trend in this field is the increasing attention that is being paid on the stability issues related to organic solar cells. Also in this field the ORGANEXT-consortium is making significant progress with high visibility in specialized journals and at international conferences.

For 2013 the R&D efforts on novel nanomaterials, innovative deposition techniques and next-generation photovoltaic devices within the ORGANEXT-project will be continued with strong enthousiasm and the coming year announces itself as being challenging and bright !

Have a successful and innovative 2013!

Jean Manca
Organext Project Coordinator