Organext seminar: Emerging technologies in a regional context - 2012/03/01

January 26, 2012

ORGANEXT seminar ICIS - UNU-Merit

Thursday March 1st, 2012



 Registration - Coffee and tea


 Word of welcome

 Raf Sluismans (UNU-Merit, Maastricht, the Netherlands)

 Introduction to the Organext project

 Jean Manca (Hasselt University, Belgium)

 Dynamics of emerging technologies and barriers to disruptive innovation

 René Kemp (ICIS, Maastricht, The Netherlands)

 Innovation dynamics in regional context and lessons for innovators and policy

 Lars Coenen (Lund University, Sweden)

 Regional Lunch


 Waiting games in the field of nano-electronics

 Alireza Parandian ( Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands)

 Results from a market survey and consumer survey about solar PV

 Marc Dijk (ICIS, The Netherlands)

 Coffee and tea break


 OPV patent study

 Julie Leroy (Cluster TWEED, Liège, Belgium),
 Catherine Delvenne (Cide Socran, Liège, Belgium)

 Probing the market for OPV through user valuation of product characteristics

 Sebastien Lizin (Hasselt University, Belgium)

 Market predictions, strategies for valorization and suggestions for Organext

 Jan Kroon (ECN, The Netherlands)

 Meet & Greet with drinks



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Kapoenstraat 2
6211 KW Maastricht
The Netherlands


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The purpose of the seminar is to discuss the topic of emerging technologies in regional context, to obtain a better understanding of the generative processes of radically new technologies for which there is not yet a market, but who have a wide range of possible applications. In the absence of real markets, such technologies are often driven by promises and research money, with commercial companies engaging in "waiting games", in an attempt to benefit from the research efforts of others and to exploit past investments in earlier generation products. Investments may be subject to hype-disillusionment cycles. The focus of the seminar is on organic solar cells, an emerging technology, which is competing with crystalline silicon solar cells and thin film solar cells (1st and 2nd generation products). Insights from studies of innovation-based regional development and studies of disruptive innovation will be applied to the topic of organic solar cells and new deposition techniques, with the aim of learning about appropriate market strategies and policy support measures. We will also examine the results of consumer research on (organic) solar PV.


Jean Manca is professor at the University of Hasselt (B) and project leader of the Organext project.

Lars Coenen is Associate Professor in Economic Geography at CIRCLE (Lund University in Sweden) with a particular interest in the geographies of innovation and sustainability transitions.

Raf Sluismans is research fellow at UNU-MERIT (NL) and project coordinator of the Strategisch Innoveren Vlaanderen project and of the Strategisch Innoveren OP Zuid project.

René Kemp is professor of innovation and sustainable development at ICIS (Maastricht University) and professorial fellow of UNU-MERIT in Maastricht.

Alireza Parandian is PhD researcher at the Technical University of Delft (NL) studying market introduction strategies and waiting games for nano-electronics.

Marc Dijk is Organext researcher at ICIS (NL) where he studies the company strategies for different generation of solar cells and wider cultural aspects of solar cell applications.

Catherine Delvenne is a consultant at Cide-Socran (spin-off of the University of Liege), with an experience of patent research and market survey.

Sebastien Lizin is an Organext researcher at Hasselt University (B) where he is performing a PhD on the integrated technology assessment of photovoltaic solar cells in order to predict organic photovoltaic solar cells' future.

Jan Kroon, solar energy expert ECN (NL), project leader HiFlex project about OPV for mobile and remote ICT applications.