Nanomaterials: innovative solutions for a sustainable future

A key objective of the EU and national governments is to develop sustainable efficient economic sectors that use safe, clean and environmentally friendly production techniques. In addition, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy provision is of great importance to strong economic growth. It is important to build a low-carbon economy. Global pollution, reduction of our natural resources, increasing health and social problems, require the development of new concepts and technologies. In other words, a wide range of clean and efficient energy technologies (demand and supply) should be developed and used. The development of new nanomaterials and innovative deposition techniques can also be an important step towards a sustainable future.
The above described sustainable future is not just a matter of technological development. So in this project we're also going to pay due attention to economic and social aspects, based on a cost-benefit analysis and based on an integrated assessment. We will build on existing knowledge about system innovation and go beyond the boundaries of individual organizations, to discover the necessary changes needed in industry and in the institutional landscape.
The assessment methods provide the necessary information of the opportunities and risks associated with the development of technology. Within this project one can deal in a proactive way with these opportunities and risks.