Nanomaterials analytical lab (Superlab)

In this action complementary, advanced electro-optical and morphological characterization-techniques - available from the various partners - will be used to build an Euregional knowledge platform open to industrial partners. The knowledge platform will focus on the analysis of the main parameters that determine the behavior of the new thin-film electro-optical applications. Characterization of the properties of new materials and new films is crucial to further advance in the field of material synthesis, deposition techniques and properties of the applications.
In the context of knowledge transfer and technological support in relation to companies in the Euregio, there will be a joining of various advanced characterization techniques - available with the different partners - resulting in a virtual "Euregio Nanomaterials Analysis Lab," which will be open for business questions in this field. For companies active in the field of nanomaterials, there is an increasing demand for accessible and appropriate analytical techniques. These advanced analytical techniques often require expensive equipment and highly skilled personnel, which is not always available in the companies. An accessible "Euregio Nanomaterials Analysis Lab" with "contract-based facility sharing" and "analysis on demand" can offer a cost-effective solution. To inform businesses about the "Euregio Nanomaterials Analysis Lab", to increase its visibility and to promote it, a folder will be created with a description of the possibilities within the platform.