Innovative deposition techniques

This work package focuses on innovative deposition techniques for the industrialization of organic opto-electronics and solar cells.

For the introduction of promising nanomaterials into commercial applications, adequate preparation methods and deposition techniques should be developed and appropriate dissemination should be done to interested industrial partners. For the industrial production of the new applications, the deposition techniques need to be rapid, reproducible and cost-efficient. Furthermore, the deposition techniques need to be sufficiently accurate to produce very thin films (typically 10-7m) on large areas. To meet the cost-effectiveness, the proposed techniques also need to be relatively direct and simple. An additional requirement in terms of sustainable development is that the preparation methods should be sufficiently 'green'.
To meet these requirements, expertise from several research centers will be grouped together to create an efficient preparation of thin films and applications based on new nano-structured polymers, nanoparticles and small molecules.
With this, the suitability for the intended applications will be evaluated, taking the specific product requirements into account.