The overall objective of this project is the creation of a customized knowledge and coordinated, interdisciplinary "ORGANEXT" cluster consisting of industrial partners (SMEs and large companies), policy makers and research institutions, to encourage the further development of the Meuse-Rhine euregio to a top technological region in the field of organic opto-electronics and solar cells.

This platform will be powered by a core of top-level research centers in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, Eindhoven and Leuven with renowned expertise in the field of nanotechnology, new materials, solar cells and economic analysis / enhancement. There will be a collaboration in three types of actions:


The project aims the transfer of knowledge and close cooperation on the various technology-related aspects (= focus on applications) of the value chain of organic optoelectronics and solar cells:

  • nanomaterials
  • deposition techniques
  • creating of an accessible "Euregio Nanomaterials Analysis lab" (facility sharing)
  • production and integration of demonstrators

The technology-related actions include three elements: research, analysis and development. The three elements are focused on innovation. The project is specifically developed for this purpose.


Economic use of these technologies through a thorough economic analysis and innovation strategy and a systematic promotion and knowledge transfer to companies located in the Meuse-Rhine Euregio, to reinforce the economic structure and to create new jobs.

Crucial in these activities is the creation of an open innovation "ORGANEXT" platform of industrial partners, policy makers and knowledge centers. It is a forum for discussion of technological capabilities, market applications and coordinated innovative actions. The coordination of R & D for innovation activities will help the Meuse-Rhine Euregio to become a global leader.


Education and training of scientists and engineers and the relationship between academics, policy makers and industrialists will get a renewed and reinforced base. Education activities will be pooled and further expanded, including promotional activities for young people. People will be educated multidisciplinary with focus on the needs of businesses and applications in the emerging field of nano-organic materials. The interest of students to meet the global challenges of the world (renewable energy, climate control) will be a strong motivation for their participation.