Global cross-border added value of the project

Hi-Tec region

Based on the individual activities in the Euroregio in the field of nano-materials, it is clear that this region already has an exceptional concentration of renowned institutes and companies. Despite the focus and specialization of academic and industrial groups are complementary in many aspects, there is no coordinated cooperation and networking to achieve a significant increase in effectiveness of these regional strengths. Moreover, existing shortcomings in terms of personnel, materials processing, scientific characterization and production facilities can be addressed by a combination of relatively modest investments and crossborder coordination, which can significantly contribute towards the further development of future R & D activities in the Euregio. Because the described domain is highly competitive internationally, it is designated to start a collaboration of expertise centers in the Euregio, to provide effective critical mass and to obtain a more distinct profile as a region key player in the Euregio.


Through the coordinated cooperation of top level research centers in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and the bordering regions of Eindhoven and Leuven (= strengthening ELAT cooperation), accross the national and regional boundaries, this project provides the unique ability to promote technology, innovation and economic valuation in the described area on a significant and lasting way.

Moreover, the establishment of an "ORGANEXT" cluster, consisting of industrial partners, policy makers and knowledge centers, will not only improve the collaboration between the academic core players of the Euroregio, but will also lead to a strengthening of current and future R & D activities of companies in the region. The cluster is not only accessible to the participating partner regions, but is also open to interested stakeholders in the German speaking Community (B).