Quo vadis, Photovoltaics? (prof. dr. J. Poortmans)

 Relations between phase diagram, kinetics of thermal annealing process, and morphological stability in polymer: fullerene blends for bulk heterojunction solar cells (prof. dr. G. Van Assche)

 Charge transport and recombination in organic solar cells (prof. dr. P. Blom)

 Characterization of organic semiconductors for photovoltaics: do we understand the role of structure? (prof. dr. A. Salleo)

 Molecular packing in bulk heterojunction solar cells (Dr. Eric Hoke)

 Supramolecular electronics towards multifunctional systems and devices (prof. dr. P. Samori)

 Nongeminate recombination in polymer-fullerene solar cells (dr. C. Deibel)

 Effect of spontaneous charge transfer and dipole formation on charge transport in polymer OPVs
(prof. dr. R. Osterbecka)

 Photodegradation of organic materials used as active layers and encapsulation of OPV
(prof. dr. J.-L. Gardette)

 OPV Stability - From Cells to Modules
(dr. H.-J. Egelhaaf)

 Factors influencing charge separation and recombination in polymer / fullerene solar cells
(prof. dr. J. Durrant)

 Importance of driving energy and delocalized states for charge separation in organic semiconductors
(dr. A. Bakulin)

 Charge transfer excitons probed by steady state electro-and photoluminescence spectroscopy
(dr. K. Tvingstedt)

 Experimental and modelling studies of the competition between charge transfer and other excited states in polymer:fullerene blend films
(prof. dr. J. Nelson)

 Charge-transfer absorption and emission in organic donor/acceptor solar cells (Prof. dr. K. Vandewal)

 Perovskite Solar Cells (Dr. ir. Bert Conings)

 Organic based photovoltaics: entering a new era: processing and lifetime (Prof.dr. Jean Manca)