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About Organext

Organic semi conducting nanomaterials have the potential to offer intelligent and sustainable solutions in a number of innovative domains and cleantech applications. You can think of renewable energy up to (nano) electronics. For instance nanotechnology enables the production of organic solar cells which can be built in double glazed windows or flexible solar panel modules to use in clothing and bags. The market potential for organic nanotech applications is therefore enormous.

Currently the relevant knowledge in this area is largely present in public research institutes. The Organext project provides a platform for companies to use the skills of the project partners and to assist them to new applications and products.

The Organext project is a cooperation of 12 partners from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, Eindhoven and Leuven with an expertise in the domain of nanotechnology, new materials, organic solar cells and economic analysis/valorization.

The know how sustained from the project will be united within an ORGANEXT Cluster consisting of industrial partners (SMEs and large companies), policy makers and knowledge centers. The main goal of this cluster is to ameliorate the cross border cooperation between the core of the research institutions and companies in the Euregio.

In line with this the Euregio Superlab for the analysis of nanomaterials has been created. This Superlab offers support to companies active in the field of nanomaterials and in need of advanced analysis techniques.

Do you want to be part of the Organext Cluster? Do you need sophisticated analysis or do you simply want more information about the Organext project? Please feel free to contact us.


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